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General Terms and Conditions

1. By submitting an application for Ladybug Foundation assistance (Ladybug Clan Application Form) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the Ladybug Foundation’s privacy policy which can be found at [privacy policy].

3. The Ladybug Foundation may modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice. The Ladybug Foundation reserves the right to cancel, suspend or change any of the Assistance Packages outlined below for any reason.

4. Each Ladybug Clan Application Form must be completed in respect of a child who is aged 20 years or under and who is, or has in the last 12 calendar months been, diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis in New Zealand.

5. If you have recently received an Assistance Package from the Ladybug Foundation you will not be eligible to receive a further Assistance Package for such period of time to be determined by the Ladybug Foundation in its sole discretion (Stand Down Period). The purpose of this Stand Down Period is to give other deserving families the opportunity to receive assistance from the Ladybug Foundation. The Ladybug Foundation may waive the requirement for a Stand Down Period in its sole discretion.

6. Assistance Packages are not transferable and are intended to assist the immediate family of the child identified in the Ladybug Clan Application Form. You may not designate someone else as the recipient of the Assis-tance Package. If you are unable or unwilling to accept the Assistance Package, the Ladybug Foundation may grant the Assistance Package to an alternate recipient. The Ladybug Foundation’s decision in relation to the recipients of any Assistance Package is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

7. The Ladybug Foundation may disqualify from participating any person who tampers with the application process, or submits an application not in accordance with these terms and conditions.

8. The Ladybug Foundation is not responsible for applications not received and incomplete, illegible, ‘hacked’ or otherwise fraudulent applications are not valid.

9. If you accept any Assistance Package, you will be solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to ac-cepting that Assistance Package.

10. To the extent permitted by law, the Ladybug Foundation will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever, including personal injury, which is suffered as a result of, or arising from, your submission of any Ladybug Clan Application Form.

11. If you are selected to receive any Assistance Package the Ladybug Foundation may require you to participate in publicity generated by the Ladybug Foundation. By submitting a Ladybug Clan Application Form you agree to participate in such publicity as may be requested by the Ladybug Foundation.

12. The Ladybug Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of you and your family. The Ladybug Foun-dation will collect and use personal information for the purpose of evaluating and processing your Ladybug Clan Application Form and, where you have opted-in to receive any marketing and promotional material from the Ladybug Foundation, for the purpose of sending you such information. You can access or request correction of your details by following the procedures in the Ladybug Foundation’s privacy policy where can be found at [privacy policy] or by emailing [email protected]

13. By submitting a Ladybug Clan Application Form you recognise that the Ladybug Foundation may require supporting information in relation to your application. This supporting information may include material such as letters from your child’s GP, or other Medical Consultant. You are under no obligation to provide this supporting material to the Ladybug Foundation however choosing to do so will help the Ladybug Foundation prioritise all Ladybug Clan Application Forms and grants for any Assistance Package.


Petrol and Food Vouchers

14. Subject to any Stand Down Period outlined in clause 5, each applicant who submits a Ladybug Clan Application Form will go into a draw to win a petrol or food assistance voucher ($50 Voucher).

15. The Ladybug Foundation will grant up to 12 Vouchers each year. Each week the recipient of a Voucher will be drawn by the LadybugFoundation and the recipient will be notified by the phone number/email address provided in the recipient’s Ladybug Clan Application.

16. The type and value of the Voucher provided by the Ladybug Foundation is non-negotiable. The Ladybug-Foundation may substitute the Voucher for another form of assistance of approximately the same value in its sole discretion.

17. The use of any Voucher is subject to compliance with the pre-determined conditions of the vendor identified on the Voucher (i.e. the relevant petrol station or supermarket).

Other Assistance

18. The Ladybug Foundation may grant applicants who have submitted a Ladybug Clan Application Form any other form of assistance which the Ladybug Foundation considers in its sole discretion to be appropriate in the circumstances. These additional forms of assistance may include family weekend getaway programmes, tertiary grants and other tailored assistance. This assistance will be subject to the general terms and conditions set out above and such further conditions as the Ladybug Foundation sees fit.